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Choosing the right color for new hardwoods is challenging.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that many home owners struggle with choosing a wood floor color. Most people inherit the floors that come with their homes and aren’t faced with this decision. When working on remodels and additions, I always advise my clients to match any existing wood floors to maintain the flow and integrity of the home.

How Do You Choose Wood Floor Colors?

There are so many flooring color options when you’re starting from scratch!  I find my clients in the position of trying to choose the best flooring color all the time. Below is some of the advice I offer when strapped in this “which color to choose” predicament.

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Ideally, create contrast and depth with furniture and cabinets.

The kitchen above has a richer, deeper stain, but it’s still translucent enough to show the wood grain and plank variation. I like the how the stain brings out the herringbone pattern.

Consider the kitchen furniture and appliance colors and wood tones when selecting a wood floor color. Ideally, you want to create contrast and depth, and if everything is the same color, that won’t happen.

Tip: If your table and floor are a similar wood tone, area rugs can break up the space, or create a transition between floor color and table color if need be.

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Reclaimed wood floor.

Reclaimed Wood Floors

Reclaimed natural oak can sometimes look as if it’s stained even when it’s not. All that gorgeous patina adds instant age and charm to any space. Who would want to put down an area rug on these gorgeous floors?

Reclaimed Stained Wood Floors

So now I’m feeling torn between color options. Clearly warm stained wood floors work great with black windows and white casing, too. There is no question that stained wood floors have a warmer feel, whereas the natural unstained floors are a bit more austere and serene.