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Dry mops and vacuums work best for cleaning wood floors.

People have been relying on hardwood floors for centuries. Hardwood floors options for interior design are varied and beautiful. Along with the advantages of a beautiful appearance, hardwood is and continues to be a first rate choice for comfort and ease of care and cleaning.

Choose the Right Hardwood Floor

Choose a type of hardwood flooring that will stand up to the type of foot traffic you expect in the area you wish to have it installed.

  • Consult the terms and conditions of your purchase, including warranty information
  • Hire a professional hardwood flooring installer if you have little or no experience in installing a hardwood floor.
  • With an unfinished hardwood flooring option, consult with contractors or local retailers about which finish or stain is most appropriate for your choice of hardwood flooring
  • Choose an appropriate moisture barrier to rest between the subfloor and hardwood flooring in order to add another level of protection
  • Expect color variations, as hardwood is a natural material.
  • Use DRY mops and vacuums to keep your new wood floor clear of dirt and dust
  • See to your pets’ nails, kids’ spills, random “accidents”, and other issues

Avoid Damage to Hardwood Floors

  • Don’t install hardwood floors in an area that will be subject to excessive moisture.
  • Avoid installing “below grade” wood choices in damp areas like basements and bathrooms
  • Don’t install hardwood flooring in an area that is not environmentally controlled all year long – say, in a cottage or summer home that is not constantly maintained
  • Avoid wax-based cleaners or harsh detergents that will leave a dull finish on the hardwood flooring
  • Don’t use steel wool or any other abrasives to clean a hardwood floor
  • Don’t use excessive water when cleaning a hardwood floor
  • Never walk on your hardwood flooring with athletic spikes or high-heels
  • Don’t use standard hardwood flooring over radiant heat. For this, it is best to consider engineered hardwood flooring which is designed to allow for the temperature variations resulting from radiant heat
  • Never leave damp rugs on the surface of hardwood flooring for an extended period.

For a more comprehensive list of dos and don’ts and for more details in general, it’s always best to talk to the hardwood floor professionals directly. We live day in and day out in the hardwood flooring universe. So let us serve you as excellent resources before, during, and after your hardwood flooring purchase.