Right now, on our showroom floor, we have on display some wonderful stone floor materials. We’re talking about our new line of Pental Quartz.  This new quartz comes in an array of colors and patterns, some closely resembling granite, other samples approximate the look of marble with uncanny likeness.  We should point out that Quartz has a few advantages over marble.  For instance, it’s much harder than marble, with a 7 on the Moh’s Scale, as opposed to marble’s 3 to 4.  That is a significant difference!  Another amazing advantage is that quartz is a crystalline rock, so on top of its similar appearance to marble, it also shimmers like granite (which has quartz in it!).  This makes it beautiful on floors, but also durable and aesthetically pleasing for other uses – hello quartz countertops!  So come by the store and see our display. The display provides a range of samples, both in quality (the design of the quartz) and color.