It’s Halloween and some people aren’t doing anything special to make their house haunted – except walking through it! So, for those of you who think someone is following you down the hall and turn to find no-one there, you most likely don’t have a poltergeist and there’s absolutely no need to call the Ghostbusters. It’s a lot less spooky than that (and we take pride in making it that way)… you simply need new floors.

Most floors last a long time, but after years of wear, changing temperatures and humidity, and the coming and going of a single family, they begin to loosen up, warp a little, and they start to creak. Some floors even start to whine. Now that’s spooky disrepair! Here at Robinson Hardwood we’re ready to fix up your haunted house with a broad selection of hardwood floors. Or maybe it’s time to make the switch to tile or stone. Either way, we can help. Send us an email or call and ask about special deals and the latest flooring options. We have tons of samples in the store, from oak and bamboo, to quartz and marble. Check out our photo gallery and feel free to ask questions. We can even come out to your house… and help make certain it’s just the floors!