Looking for environmentally safe flooring for your home? 

Cork flooring comes from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, which is predominantly grown in Portugal where they flourish due to their drought resistance. The dead bark is harvested from the trunk, processed, and combined with adhesives to create many different types of cork flooring. Most cork flooring is actually recycled “waste” granules from bottle-stopper plants.

The method of recombining waste granules allows cork flooring manufactures to produce a wide range of finishes. Cork floors can have a traditional wood-grain finish, the appearance of cork-board, and even look like marble.

Cork is also water-resistant, which is great for our local environment where wood can be subject to wet shoes 9 months out of the year. Cork is also great for insulation as it is naturally fire-resistant. It also has the added quality of providing acoustic insulation which means great sound-proofing.

The best part about cork flooring is its sustainability due to the fact that after the bark is harvested the trees continue to grow, allowing new cork to be harvested every 9 years.

Check out our gallery for recent cork floor projects. Also, feel free to come into the store and get sample and comparisons between cork, bamboo, and other sustainable floor materials.

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