how to clean hardwood floors

Sweeping once or twice a week and picking up spills will keep floors looking new for years.

You might be experiencing the challenge of cleaning your floors in a house that has 2 or more different floor types. It’s not uncommon to see a home with hardwood, linoleum and carpet in the different rooms. In these homes, you might be switching off between vacuum, broom and dust mop. You can save yourself a bit of time, though, by using the vacuum, all around.

Use A Vacuum, Ditch The Broom

You might be accustomed to using a broom and or mop to clean your hardwood or tile floors. Sure, it works, but you could be getting the floor cleaner in a shorter amount of time.

If you have spilled liquids or food left behind by a careless child, perhaps, you might see some unsanitary residual mess which could attract unwanted guests, such as ants or other insects. Furthermore, there may be foul odors, creating an unpleasant living experience.

The easiest way to get these messes cleaned up is with a vacuum. Models of vacuum which have the proper hard floor capabilities can be a real help in your daily chores. Do be careful of which vacuum you’re using as not all are designed for this and some models could actually damage the floor, leaving scratches or scrapes. This can be prevented by using the proper tool for the job, and the proper setting on the vacuum. You will need to test your appliance on a non or less visible section of the floor to make sure that it is doing a good job, without damage.

The Proper Accessories

An upholstery too or crevice tool might be just the ticket for your hardwood floors. Because there are many areas that a standard sweeper cannot reach, the right accessory is needed for these locations. Use these tools to get to the hard to reach areas and enjoy a cleaner home. There could be tiny gaps in the wood that will accumulate dust and debris and the vacuum is the perfect device to suck this debris out from the cracks, off of your floor and out of your home. In this case, a crevice tool, is ready to come to the rescue. They not only clean in tight corners and hard to reach areas, they can concentrate the sucking power to really suck up the dirt from cracks and slats. Also, some vacuums come with a mop head that can really give your hardwood floors a special shine, gently and thoroughly.

The Right Tool for the Job

This is essential knowledge for any task, really. Hardwood floors have products designed especially for them, which can make them sparkle like new, instead of just giving a basic dull scrub.