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Pravada Laminate Flooring Heritage African Walnut

So, it’s time to change out the floors in your home; what’s it going to be, hardwood or laminate? Hardwood flooring is constructed from wood, cut into planks
while laminate flooring is constructed by compressing composite wood at high temperatures with a layer of decorative material on top.

Lets take a look at the pros and cons for each type:

Laminate Flooring Pros:

  • Affordable. Because less high grade wood is used, laminate flooring is quite a bit cheaper than hardwood. Glue-less locking planks also make this type easy and affordable to install.
  • Durable. High traffic areas and homes with pets are a good match for laminate floors because of its scratch, stain and sunlight resistance.
  • Maintainable. Easy to sweep and mop with just tap water and you don’t have to wax.

Laminate Flooring Cons

  • It’s not real wood. It looks pretty convincing, but there is something not true about it. This fact might nag at your subconscious, even though it looks great. Also, its resale value is less.
  • It is hard under foot. This can make it a bit noisy to walk on although this issue can be reduced by padding under the boards.
  • Shorter Lifespan. When it wears out, there’s not much that can be done, as laminate cannot be sanded or refinished.

Hardwood Pros

  • Appearance. Hardwood’s unique appearance is beautiful and highly sought after. No two pieces are exactly alike.
  • Resale. Hardwood is valued very highly by home buyers and can improve your home’s resale value by quite a bit.
  • Long Lifespan. Hardwood floors can last for up to 20, 50 or even 100 years if maintained properly and given the necessary care and attention.
  • Versatile. If there is a renovation to the home, hardwood floors can be refinished with a different color or tone.

Hardwood Cons

  • Expense. Because this is real wood from resources which dont grow back very quickly, hardwood flooring installation will be more expensive than laminate.
  • Maintenance. Hardwood floors need to be maintained regularly to keep their beautiful appearance. Hardwood shouldn’t be installed where humidity and water damage is likely to occur. Spills need to be cleaned immediately, before permanent damage occurs.
  • Physical damage. Hardwood floors scratch, ding and dent more easily than laminate. Direct sunlight from windows could cause the wood to fade, necessitating an eventual refinishing to restore its previous beauty.