Whether you have removed your carpet to reveal a hardwood floor underneath or have had wood flooring installed in your new or remodeled house, you are among many who are reaping the benefits of this durable and beautiful flooring material. Additionally, the ROI or “return on investment” for homes with hardwood floors is significantly higher than homes without.

Engineered hardwood is taking off in popularity. At an average cost of between $4.00 and $7.00 per square foot, depending on the thickness and kind of wood, this investment is not too hard to make. While exotic, imported wood like mahogany, bamboo or koa, will cost quite a bit more, oak and maple are more affordable as they are grown in the USA and Canada.

Engineered hardwood differs from solid hardwood in that engineered is a composite of wood and resin with a layer of wood on top, while solid hardwood is simply planks of wood, cut straight from raw lumber. Engineered wood is usually more affordable than solid wood. However, because of the wood layer, on top, engineered wood floors need the same type of care. In our part of the country, the temperature and humidity changes outside need to be controlled, inside. Homes with wood floors shouldn’t be allowed to get cold and wet, if, for example, you have a seasonal living arrangement where the house goes uninhabited over the winter.

One of the big selling points for engineered wood is that it is environmentally-friendly. With only the top layer being true wood, cut directly from trees, and the majority of the material being filler wood and glue-like substance, only a small percentage of the plank needs to be sourced from wild or replanted forest. The filler wood is generally made of faster-growing, non-forest trees from sustainable plantations. This makes engineered wood floors desirable for those who put a high value on sustainable practices. Robinson Hardwood Homes of Bellingham, WA installs both engineered wood floors and solid hardwood, so which ever type is your preference, we are able to accommodate your project.