Wood flooring really brings any home or business to life. But one drawback is after years of foot traffic and enduring the trials of time, a once beautiful masterpiece can begin to appear worn down and ruff. But there is a bright side! Unlike other flooring options that need to be completely replaced to remove the signs of age, wood flooring is unique in that it can be fully restored to its previous glory with a simple refinishing. This allows you to put a refreshing breath of new life into your flooring at an affordable price.

We don’t just see our refinishing projects as a job,  but rather we believe each floor refinishing job as a work of art. Each project stands on it’s own, with individual needs  in order to realize the best look as well as longest lasting results.

For this particular project near downtown Bellingham (see photos), our resolve and dedication were truly tested. Being an older home dating back to the 1920’s, the hardwood flooring was a mess. It had been previously covered in linoleum. There was a mass of leftover glue residue as well as gouges throughout the floor. To compensate for the severe damage, we chose a extra hard wood filler that was perfect for filling in the voids and matching up with the floors grain and color. A project like this one takes a little extra time and care to get the results we were after. Most refinishing projects only take two passes with a belt sander working upwards from aggressive to finer grit paper. This particular project took five goes. Once we got the look just right we applied three coats of oil based polyurethane finish and buffed it out to the beautiful shine you now see.

Through a mixture of sanding both machine and hand, buffing, quality stains and sealants as well as a precise attention to detail, we took a lot of pride in bringing the hardwood flooring in this home back to it’s amazing natural beauty. We are proud to leave our client with a finished product that will be cherished for a long time to come.