HomerWood brings you beautiful natural wood

We are happy to announce that we have just set up a brand new HomerWood display in our showroom. HomerWood is a 100% custom line that is entirely made in the USA. Their wood flooring is beautifully stained, bringing forth all of the tree’s fantastic natural exquisiteness, including unique markings, intricate graining and all other indispensable traits you come to expect from hardwood. The end product is a pristine, high quality floor that presents a combination of both clear and character boards, bringing out the true beauty of natural wood. With their unparalleled attention to the finest details, this one-of-a-kind hardwood flooring will bring you a sense of pride for years to come.

Customization makes it your own

Come on down and check out the options that are available to you, today! With so many choices, a perfect fit for everybody is guaranteed. These flooring panels come in sizes ranging from three to eight inches, in any species you can think of, with special textures, readily available (hand scraping, wire brush and much, much more.) The customization brought to you by this incredible flooring is limitless. Choose between 3/4” solid wood or 5/8” engineered wood with a aluminium oxide finish or matte finish. With every choice, the flooring becomes you own personal creation. For more information, contact us here, we are happy to answer any questions!