I wanted to take moment to recognize what an amazing job your team did on my kitchen. Though the floor in question played victim to in-house-roller-blading, heavy objects being dropped on a regular basis(often from high vantage points and aimed at other members of the home), and countless other crimes of floor, you brought her back from the dead. Upon completion, every nick and scratch is a thing of the past, the wood is shining brighter than the day it was laid and best of all, no one was forced to sell a kidney on the black market to finance the project (though we did ro-sham-bo at one point…) While the finished product is a Picasso-esque masterpiece worthy of a museum in Paris, your craftsmanship is out done by your customer service. I was actually slightly alarmed at how nice your men were.

Charmed by their witty small talk, prolific knowledge of floors, and intrinsic love of blasting Led Zeppelin while putting plastic over my cupboards, I actually found myself contemplating ways to botch the job so my new friends would not leave. In all seriousness, we could not be more grateful for the above and beyond work you did in our home. Everyone was so considerate, respectful and kind! I will, without hesitation, recommend you time and time again!