Aaron MarquezAaron Marquez, Contractor
Artisan Fine Finishing – Bellingham, WA

“The team at Robinson Hardwood really are amazing. We do a lot of business with them. What sets them apart is their customer service. They are very easy to work with, especially Robby. We really enjoy working with him. For example, if you need anything extra moved out of the way they are right on top of it. Specifically with the Jerome Street job, I came in and re-weaved a damaged floor. Robinson came in straight after to sand and coat. When the homeowners came back from vacation, they were quite please to see the amazing work we did in restoring their wood floor.”

The Jerome Street hardwood floor restoration started with a red oak floor that was very worn out. Nothing out of the ordinary … just a few years overdue for a repair, re-sand and refinish. In many spots the finish was completely worn off down to bare wood. After Aaron did the repair work and we did the rest … the floors looked brand new.