About Us

Hardwood adds warmth to your home.
Hardwood adds warmth to your home.

Serving as your trustworthy and reliable hardwood flooring provider is the foundation our company was founded upon.

We are a Skagit and Whatcom hardwood flooring company that provides full professional service for your hardwood flooring needs. Robinson Hardwood & Homes was founded by Neal & Kitty Robinson in 1993 with a commitment to building a team of flooring craftsmen who have a strong knowledge of hardwood flooring tools, wood floor techniques, and hardwood floor products to repair, restore and install the most amazing hardwood floors possible. Our core value, as a hardwood flooring company, is to build and maintain a strong reputation of personable service and expert knowledge in caring for the hardwood flooring needs of our clients.

Are you looking for the best hardwood flooring providers in Whatcom and Skagit?

Our company continues to set high standards of excellence for the benefit of our clients and employees through integrity, quality and performance.

Robinson Hardwood & Homes uniquely offers a lifetime workmanship warranty on hardwood flooring projects and materials. In an industry dominated by 1-year warranties, we have made the conscious choice to go “above and beyond the call of duty”. We understand that you trust Robinson Hardwood & Homes for your flooring needs, and we are committed to doing the right thing for you. Our commitment to quality wood flooring and our clients never expires.

Robby Robinson

Every Robinson Hardwood & Homes project is personally overseen by Robby Robinson who will guide the flooring portion of your project skillfully and safely. Our tight network of skilled craftsmen are some of the finest in the industry, giving you peace-of-mind that your project is in safe hands. Robby has grown up in the construction industry and knows project management and as well as excellent hardwood flooring design. He has been successfully committed to meeting our clients needs since 2003.

Robby understands that how to choose whether to repair, restore or install a brand new hardwood floor can be a time consuming and a difficult decision to make. We have a solid reputation in our community assisting our neighbors with this process. Our goal is to save you time as well as money, helping you through the complex “forest” of hardwood flooring choices.

What about getting the best deals on wood floors?

 The cost of a hardwood flooring job is an important consideration.  Many will ask contractors to “bid” against one another in an attempt to find the lowest possible price.  Paying attention to the cost of hardwood floors is essential, but consideration of the quality of workmanship and materials cannot be undervalued.  We ask that you ensure other contractors we are bidding against are qualified and have the necessary experience and good reputations for repairing or restoring hardwood floors correctly. We have seen too many floors either destroyed or in need of additional repairs because of inferior equipment and low-cost products. We strive to make our clients happy and safe while we are in your home and for the life of your floors.

Team of experienced experts.

Who does our flooring upkeep and installation work?

Robby Robinson and his teams of experienced wood flooring experts in Whatcom and Skagit do all of the repair/restoration work we bid on. Robby’s team consists of all employees and not subcontractors. We strive to educate ourselves in the best practices in floor restoration and repair. We also invest in the best flooring equipment and products available so that our team is setup to succeed in providing you the best results possible.

What about wood floor maintenance?

We live in the same communities that we work in, so we are committed to supporting our clients in the long term. After projects are done, we don’t just disappear. We want our customers to know we still remember and care about them. We answer questions via the phone, have a monthly email with floor maintenance tips and insights.  We provide quarterly supply delivery to customers. 95% of our business is from referrals and we are proud of the fact we keep our clients happy.

If you would like to schedule a free hardwood flooring consultation, please call us at:

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