Before and After Gallery

The Jerome Street hardwood floor restoration started with a red oak floor that was very worn out. Nothing out of the ordinary … just a few years overdue for a repair, re-sand and refinish. In many spots the finish was completely worn off down to bare wood. After Aaron did the repair work and we did the rest…the floors looked brand new.

We don’t do a whole lot of sands like this due to the difficulty of sanding through all of the old paint, glue, and finish. But we had already done some work in other parts of the house and so we went ahead and got the job done for them. It is an old fir floor that was previously covered with glue down parquet flooring.

We recently had an opportunity to restore some very unique old fir floors. Please see the pictures above. We believe that we were able to do an amazing job of bringing these old tired and beat-up floors some new life.

Robinson Hardwood Flooring Refinishing After

We opted not to use any filler because some of the cracks were so big. It’s hard to see in the picture but it kept the character of the old floor while still achieving a fresh, refinished look.