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Repair & Restoration you can trust.

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We are a full service hardwood flooring company serving Whatcom and Skagit Counties. We are experts with the tools, techniques, and products that make the wood floor we work on amazing.

The decision to repair, restore or install a hardwood floor can be time consuming and confusing.  We can help you navigate the many options to find the best fit for your home and family.  Our solid reputation in assisting our clients find the perfect floor is built upon years of serving our local community. Our goal is to save you time as well as money by helping you through the complex “forest” of hardwood flooring choices.

Bidding versus Estimating?

With the current economic climate, it seems reasonable to have contractors “bid” against one another in an attempt to find the lowest possible price.  All contractors are not the same and when it comes to flooring, it saves you time and money to hire the company who can deliver expert work in a timely manner.  Before accepting a bid, we strongly recommend you make sure the contractors is qualified and has the necessary experience and reputation to repair or restore your floor correctly. We have seen too many floors either destroyed or in need of extensive repairs by installers who used inferior equipment and low cost materials. Hardwood flooring is all we do, and you can rest assured when you hire us to create your flooring vision.  We never cut corners in our work ethics, and we always cut corners perfectly for your floors.  We really strive to make our clients safe and happy with the floors we install, repair and restore.

We feel that if you are comparing our estimate to other bids, it is worth the time to investigate the qualifications and history of service of all bidding contractors so you can make a true apples to apples comparison.

Who does the work?

Robbie Robinson and his team of experienced installers and repair/restoration experts do all of our hardwood floor jobs. Robbie’s team are all employees of the company and not subcontractors. We are continuously educating ourselves in the best practices and offerings in floor restoration and repair. We invest in the best equipment and products available so that our team is setup to succeed in providing you the best results possible.

What about floor maintenance?

We live in the same communities that we work in, so we are committed to supporting our clients for the life of their floors. After projects are done, we don’t just disappear. We like our customers to know we still remember them and care about them. We publish a yearly newsletter, have a monthly email with floor maintenance tips and insights.  Ninety-five percent of our business is from referrals and we are proud of the fact we keep our clients happy.

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