What is the best way to care for my hardwood floor?

Keeping on top of small messes.

Sweeping regularly keeps grit off of the surface of your hardwood floors.  Wiping down wood floors with a damp cloth is one of the simplest ways to regularly maintain your floors. Surface finishes like polyurethane require only simple care of dusting, mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming on a regular basis.

What kind of products are safe to use on my hardwood floor?

There are several cleaners and home-based solutions to use for hardwood floors. However, if the substances are not combined in the correct proportions, it is possible to end up doing more damage than good. At Robinson Hardwoods, we use a safe and protective wood flooring cleaning solution and would be happy to help you with the proper hardwood cleaning routine and application. We can also help you with other cleaning methods if you desire.

When should I re-coat my hardwood floor?

When cleaning no longer restores shine, recoat the floor with a surface finish. How often you recoat wooden flooring depends on the amount of traffic.

Be sure to:

  • Never wax a surface-finished floor
  • Never use vinyl or tile floor care products on any wood floor
Families with kids love the easy cleaning and healthy aspects of hardwood floors.

Can I damp-mop my hardwood floor?

Generally, you may use a dampened or nearly dry mop to maintain a wood floor, but always to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Note however that excessive moisture will cause damage to wood flooring, so make sure the mop is only slightly damp versus sopping wet. Standing water on wood floors can dull the finish or even damage the wood, leaving a residue that discolors the wood. Immediately wipe up any water that spills on a wood floor with a clean cloth.

How can I prevent scratches on my hardwood floor?

To aid in protecting your wood floors from sand, grit and dirt, lay throw rugs and mats at each doorway and even along high traffic areas. Place felt pads under furniture legs and vacuum and dust your wood floor regularly to keep sand and dirt granules off the wood floor surface.