Considerations For Installing New Hardwood Floors

For high traffic areas you will want a medium grade wood, like Bamboo

When putting in new wood flooring it is important to consider the following variables since all of these will help you determine which flooring is best for your home or office.

  • What are the best woods for different traffic volumes?
  • What wood is best for the climate that you live in
  • Your budget and the cost of different hardwood flooring options
  •  Selecting the best wood flooring for specific rooms

How much traffic will your hardwood floor receive?

For high traffic areas you will want to look at a medium grade wood or higher to stand up to the wear and tear through the years.  A natural maple wood or other medium grade woods are often used for gym floors or bowling alleys.  Medium hard woods are a good place to start when looking for flooring that stands up to high traffic areas of your home.

 Does the climate make a difference for hardwood flooring choices?

Areas with higher humidity will experience a more noticeable effect on their hardwood floors as the seasons change.  High humidity causes hardwood floors to slightly expand, and then to contract again when the weather turns warm and dry.  This is completely normal; however, if you don’t install the correct type of wood floor for your climate, over the decades, this expanding and contracting may cause slight gaps in some of the hardwood.  But with the advice of a professional flooring specialist, you can select the perfect type of flooring for your climate that will last for generations to come.

Top grade hardwood can cost up to $5 per square foot.

What is a normal budget for my hardwood flooring project?

Your budget will determine what type and quality of hardwood you to choose to install.

A top grade hardwood such as the Select Red Oak and other high quality hardwoods for floors run in the region of $5 per square foot.

A medium grade hardwood such as one from the natural maple family is slightly more, costing about $4 per square foot.

A lower grade hardwood such as Rustic ash is a less formal wood, which would be a good choice to put in a family room or low traffic areas such as a bedroom.  It makes for an excellent floor and is lower in price, ranging in the $3 per square foot.

Knowing your price range will help you and your flooring professional find the perfect hardwood for flooring project.

Consider hardwood for high traffic areas in your office.

Best location for hardwood floors.

Choosing the correct flooring materials is also determined by the level of the home or office where the flooring will be installed.  Since hardwood is sensitive to humidity, such as humidity that might be found in the basement of a home, the hardwood for basements will be a different choice than the wood flooring best for above ground level or above “grade.”

Furthermore, you will want to consider the sub-floor over which the hardwood will be placed.  A sub-floor consisting of a concrete slab will be treated differently than an existing wood sub-floor.

With so many important considerations for hardwood floors, it is nice to know that a hardwood flooring professional who knows these answers will walk you through the process to find the perfect hardwood flooring for your home or office.

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