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Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance

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Protect Your Hardwood Floors With Quality Products

With proper care and regular maintenance, your hardwood flooring can last for many, many years. Without that care, even the best hardwood floor can end up looking worn and developing cracks and gaps.


For all your hardwood floor care needs, call Robinson Hardwood & Homes LLC. We sell high-quality PALLMANN cleaning kits and products that are engineered to clean and protect your floors without damaging them. For your free estimate, please call today.

DIY Care for Your Hardwood Floors

The tips below will help you maintain the delightful glow of your hardwood flooring. If you have any questions, please call Robinson Hardwood & Homes.


  • Clean the floor regularly. — Dirt and sand are the enemies of hardwood flooring, so it's important to dust, sweep, and/or vacuum regularly. Using a dry mop is preferred, but a dampened or nearly dry mop can be used occasionally. Excessive moisture will damage hardwood flooring, so do not use a sopping wet mop.

  • Clean up any spills right away. — Water will damage hardwood flooring, and other substances may discolor it.

  • Use rugs to prevent scratches. — Protect high-traffic areas by using area rugs, throw rugs, or mats. Places where sand and dirt are likely to be tracked in should be kept clean. Furniture legs should have felt pads attached to them to prevent them from marring the floor if the furniture is moved.

  • Avoid using the wrong products. — Hardwood floors should never be waxed or treated with products formulated for vinyl or tile flooring. Use only high-quality products specifically formulated for wood flooring.

  • Periodically recoat the floor. — The shine can be restored with an appropriate hardwood floor product. The amount of traffic will determine how often you need to recoat the floor.


Robinson Hardwood & Homes is available to provide the guidance you need to keep your floors in great shape. Call us today for more information!

Free Estimates on Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying...

Robby, my floors are beautiful – the old and new floors blended together perfectly! Your team did a great job and are great craftsmen.

- Bryanna D.

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