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Different Types of Hardwood Flooring to Choose From

Hardwood flooring is the preferred type of flooring for most homeowners. These chic, sleek floors come with a host of benefits. According to CNN, hardwood flooring has about a 106% return on investment after it's installed. While it may seem tempting to redo your floor immediately, with so many types of flooring services on the market today, you might be overwhelmed by all the options. The term hardwood flooring actually encompasses a wide range of styles and types of wood. Let's look at some types of hardwood flooring and the benefits they can bring.

Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood floors are composed of sturdy strips of wood that come directly from the tree. This thick, durable hardwood flooring is best for areas like the kitchen that have lots of foot traffic. Solid hardwood floors can withstand lots of commotion and can be very resistant to liquid spills.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is composed of several thin layers of wood that are fused together. For this reason, engineered hardwood often comes at a lower price point than solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood also is typically easier to install. If budget or ease of installation are determining factors for your choice of flooring, this could be the way to go.

Parquet Flooring

For a unique look that can add intrigue to your space, you may want parquet flooring. It's usually composed of short, rectangular tiles arranged in an appealing geometric pattern as if to resemble a weave. They are available in a variety of wood types and textures which allow you more flexibility and room for customization. You could even install a parquet floor that incorporates multiple types and colors of wood.

Bamboo Flooring

This distinctive flooring style has experienced a boom in popularity due to bamboo being a renewable resource. Bamboo flooring comes in a few varieties of styles, all of which are durable and easy to maintain. Similar to engineered hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring is relatively simple to install.

There's a whole world of hardwood flooring out there. If you want more tips or pointers on choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home, contact Robinson Hardwood and Homes LLC today. We'll help you explore the options and bring your visions to life!

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